Over the past 15 years I have gained a wide range of coaching experiences.  I am currently based in Somerset but coach is all areas of the UK.  I have a background working as a qualified youth worker and football coach both at schools and clubs.

Since 2003 I have been Regional Director of the McGuire Programme, helping people take control of their stammer.  A regular part of the job role is coaching, motivating and supporting graduates to help them become stronger with their speech.  Throughout the past 8 years I have coached Gareth Gates and also worked on the ITV show Grease is the Word.

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DailyExpress_290610I feel my positive attitude and strength helped me through a serious illness in 2003 and 2006 and feel that experience has helped me become a stronger person.  As the result of a mixture of positive coaching experiences and the impact I was having helping people who stammerer (I also have a stammer), I decided to study to enable me to coach fluent speakers who suffer from lack of confidence or who need to gain self belief.  I feel I have all the attributes to enable me to be a really good Public Speaking Coach Using my beliefs of practice, I combine dealing with the mindset and feelings with communications skills in order to motivate people so they can reach their potential.

I studied Life Coaching with the Coaching Academy (Europe’s Leading Coaching Organisation) within the UK and passed with distinction to become a qualified coach.

Since being qualified, I have gained experience working with people from all walks of life including children, parents, adults, celebrities and business professionals.   I have coached people on a wide range of topics including fitness, work/life/balance, career/work related goals, public speaking, general health worries, relationship concerns and school and social problems.  Due to my past experiences I have also become very successfully at Wedding Speech Coaching and really enjoy motivation people in this area too.  I believe that changing the mindset is the main key to my coaching success.

It does not matter what the issue is, as long as you want to move forward I can help you.  I really enjoy motivating people and seeing them gain belief in order to reach their potential.

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