Confidence Coaching

The specific benefits will depend entirely on what you want to achieve, be it personal, business or career related or some combination of the two. You determine the agenda, you remain totally in control of your decisions and your life. It’s your topic and the goals you set are determined by the decisions you make with the support of your coach.

Benefits of coaching include:-

• A solid reliable support structure

• Someone to give you the motivation and drive to achieve your goals

• Help with strategies, to achieve what you want

• To be able to take on and overcome those limiting beliefs

• To be sure your making the right decisions in order to move forward at the right pace to suit you

• To know for sure that you are going in the right direction – seeing the possibilities and knowing which path to take

• To be able to expand your comfort zones, knowing your challenging yourself and having the belief to succeed

• To be able to have fun moving forward in life while taking on whatever challenges come your way

As your coach I will:

• Help you set short or long term goals and supporting you to achieve them

• Make the goals challenging but realistic

• Give you self-belief. Remember you will retain control of every positive decision you make and action you take

• To be committed to getting the best out of you

• Being non-judgmental and have your best interests at heart

• Installing a positivity in you which will become infectious

• Be there as a sounding board to help you clarify your ideas

• Encouraging trust in order to build a strong reliable coach and client relationship

• To change possible perceptions from negative to positive

• To gain a better balance to your life (e.g work/life balance)

Areas of Development:

• Limiting self beliefs

• Lack of confidence

• Low self-esteem

• Negative perceptions

• Personal or business related values

• Turning intentions into positive action

Sessions can include face to face, skype or telephone coaching as well as e-mail support whenever required. You will be under no pressure to commit to any coaching and all the sessions are private and confidential.

For more details just give me a call or email